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Noele   first   won   a   prize   for   singing   aged   9   in   1929,   she   later   became   a   popular   West   End   performer   which   saw Frederick   Loewe,   upon   seeing   Noele's   performance   in   Brigadoon,   jokingly   offer   to   marry   her   -   so   impressed   with how she interpreted his words. Noele   described   herself   as   the   UK’s   ‘Ethel   Murman’   and   like   Ethel   was   ‘more   of   a   hollerer   than   a   singer’.   Below   are a list of commercial recordings which Noele starred on. BIG BEN ALBUM Lizbeth Webb, Noele Gordon, Trefor Jones and cast perform the songs from the musical. 1946. (album) ON THE TOWN ALBUM Noele   with   Lionel   Blair,   Rita   Williams,   Stella   Tanner,   Shane   Rimmer   and   Geoff   Love's   orchestra   made   a   studio recording of On The Town in 1949. (album) BOOGIE FOR NOELE Written   for   Noele   by   Jerry Allen   and   Lesley   Raymond.   It   featured   as   Noele's   signature   tune   in   early ATV   shows   such as   Musical   Cheers,   Lunchbox   and   Tea   with   Noele   Gordon.   Noele   sang   a   version   with   lyrics   on   the   final-ever   edition of Lunchbox in 1964. 1957. (single) LUNCHBOX ALBUM Noele Gordon and the Jerry Allen Trio perform popular songs from the TV series. 1963. (album) TO MY DAUGHTER / DREAM CONCERTO Noele Gordon speaks this poem to the orchestral sounds of Werner Tautz. 1974. (single) CROSSROADS WEDDING ALBUM Noele   Gordon,   John   Bentley,   Larry   Grayson,   Jane   Rossington,   Ronald   Allen   and   cast   perform   wedding   themed songs. 1975. (album) NOELE GORDON SINGS This   album,   produced   at   the   EMI   Abbey   Road   studios   saw   Noele   sing   in   front   of   a   live   studio   audience   who   also joined in with her towards the end of the song. The music was conducted by Geoff Love. 1976. (album) AFTER ALL THESE YEARS  / GOODBYE A   double A-side   release   to   mark   Noele's   departure   from   Crossroads,   again   this   production   was   recorded   at   the   EMI Abbey Road studios. 1981. (single)
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