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ED DOOLAN RADIO PROGRAMMES Broadcaster   Ed   Doolan,   a   friend   of   Noele   Gordon,   interviewed   Nolly   many   times   during   the   1970s   on   commercial station   BRMB   and   in   the   1980s   on   BBC   WM.   Ed   and   the   BBC   kindly   provided   a   1983   recording   of   an   hour-long special with Noele Gordon which was recorded in Venice while Crossroads was filming in the city. The   hour   proved   so   popular   with   listeners   it   was   repeated   a   couple   of   weeks   after   its   original   transmission. A   new edit was broadcast in 2012 as part of Ed Doolan's 30 Years at the BBC celebration programming. Ed   also   shared   with   us   a   programme   recorded   in   Birmingham   which   also   contained   fun   and   conversation   with Nolly from 1982. PLAY  Ed Doolan and Noele Gordon in Venice Part One PLAY Ed Doolan and Noele Gordon in Venice Part Two PLAY Ed Doolan at Bingley Hall with Noele and friends NOELE 100 A special documentary produced by NGE Enterprises celebrating the 100th anniversary of Noele Gordon. COMING SOON
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